The Headscarf

Learning to accept and appreciate people and things that are different from us through fun and adventure.

Milly's story

Milly is a happy little girl who loves planting seeds, watching vegetables grow in her grandma’s rooftop garden, and playing with her new friend, Aamira, on the school playground. But one day when Aamira’s mother comes to the playground for a visit, Milly sees a strange cloth on her head. She can’t even see Aamira’s mother’s face! Suddenly, Milly is confused and has a lot of questions she needs answered.

After Milly asks her grandma about the cloth, she is led on an exciting adventure guided by an uninhibited potato and other imaginary root vegetable friends, where she learns to accept others, even when they are different from her.


In this delightful read with me children’s book with an important message, a group of imaginary root vegetable friends guide a little girl through her questions about differences, life, and others around her.

Rodrigo Gómez Claros is a Hispanic artist from Colombia who enjoys telling stories to help others be receptive to immigrants and their cultural backgrounds. He is a director and producer of animated content for preschoolers, and is currently Assistant Professor of Animation at Middle Tennessee State University

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